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A Piece of Thought on World Mental Health Day

I remember exactly that this time around two years ago I was struggling with a burn out and a depressive episode. Being a physician myself I saw these cases almost daily. Until I experienced it on my own, I actually never realized what kind of impacts this disease has over someone, his/her life and his/her surroundings.


One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to pick up the phone and reach out for a professional help


I took a time out, had a structured conversation with a psychotherapist, spoke out and phrased all of the disturbing factors. 


The most important of all was that I took the time to re-prioritize my life.


I used to be ashamed of being burned out and depressed. But this experience has taught me a whole lot more about my life and my profession as a physician. I know exactly how it feels to lose control over yourself and your life. I know how it feels to lose sleep and not to know where I stand and where I am going to.


It teaches me how to relate to all those, who went through or are going through such a phase in their lifes. And it teaches me how to become a better person and a better physician, so that hopefully I can help my patients better in the future.


Yes.. We are only humans who are prone of a lot of diseases.. including the mental ones..

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