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Baby Friendly Cafes in Nuremberg

At the beginning, directly after the birth of our little one I wished that I had found a blog that enlists mommy-baby friendly cafes with a bit more details, so that new mommies can prepare themselves upon coming to those places.. But I hadn’t really found anything then.

After a while, there have been some other mommies who are also curious about the cafes and restaurants that we have visited together with our baby. That is why, I am now inspired to write some reviews of all the cafes and restaurants we have visited regarding the baby friendliness.

In the first weeks post natal I was very excited about going out with my baby. Already during the pregnancy I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t be turning into a mommy, who never goes out of home just because of the baby. My husband and I love going out and eating out, so staying home just because of the baby wasn’t going to be in our dictionary.

But probably just as every first-time mommy, I was beyond nervous about our first eating out. There were so many „ifs“ lingering at the back of my head. I was especially nervous about, „How if Aurélie starts screaming and she won’t calm down? How if everyone else in the cafe is disturbed and then we will be kicked out? How should I breastfeed in public? What should I do, if the baby poops in the restaurant?“ I know how naive these thoughts were, but the anxiety was real! Luckily after some months of training these worries were gone and my confidence is somewhat better nowadays.

In the meantime we have actually tried out almost all of our favorite restaurants and cafes we used to visit before baby. And to 95% it has turned out just fine! The other 5% was due to a very sleepy Aurélie, who didn’t want to sleep inside (because of the warmth). In this case, we had to go out of the cafe/restaurant, so that little princess could fall asleep in the cold..

There are times, especially if I am alone with Aurélie, that I would prefer a baby-friendly cafe which just conveys our primary needs (a relaxed atmosphere, a facility to warm up baby food, a diaper changing station and a friendly non-judgmental audience).

For the first post, here are our most favorites! 🙂

1. Cafe Dada

This is probably the best cafe for mommies with babies. They have a pretty spacious place with comfortable chairs, a play area for the kiddies, a nice diaper changing station and of course baby high chairs. They would also provide hot water to warm up your baby food, which is very comfortable! Since the inner room is limited (just as any place else in Nuremberg), strollers and prams need to be parked outside of the café. So it is recommended to have a lock for your stroller!

It won’t matter, if your babies cry or scream.. because everybody else does it! And if your baby gets very loud and they don’t calm down: you won’t get annoyed looks from other visitors. Instead you will get a lot of understanding and motivating smiles. And this is very rewarding, especially for sleep-lacking and sensitive mommies 🙂

The food and the coffee are excellent! I especially love the waffles with the Apfelmus and the breakfast options.

Unfortunately the opening hours are soo short, which are:
Thursdays – Saturdays 9:30 – 13:00

2. The Lunchbox

Located a little bit outside of the city center, this café is dedicated for mommies (or daddies) who want to enjoy their coffee and food in peace. While mommies and daddies sip their coffee or enjoy the excellent bits of panini, the kiddies would namely play in The Box, which is located in the middle of the room. The chairs for the parents are set just around the box, so that you can always watch your kiddies play around.

As the owner of the café is an American, they have American comfort food.. Well, I can tell you that the panini (my most favorite is the one with the truffle), chocolate cookies and the banana bread are heavenly! The coffee is really good too, since they get their coffee bean from my favorite roastery Machhörndl! They also provide hot water to warm up your baby food.

There is a limited space for strollers/prams inside the cafe (I guess 2 or maximal 3 strollers would fit in the corridor). A short info for pram carrying mommies: to get inside, there are 3 front steps/stoops by the door. I do think that you can also park your strollers in their garden (but without roof). The good thing about the cafe location is that there are a lot of car parking spots just in front of the cafes.

There are two diaper changing tables and they even provide an extra diaper pail! The changing tables are situated in front of the toilettes. It is a little bit dark and cold.. but it is clean.

The opening hours are also very limited, which are:
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30 – 17:30,
Thursdays 9:30 – 14:00 and
Sundays 9:00 – 14:00

3. Sojahaus Setia

As an Indonesian, sometimes I do miss the indonesian culinary. And we are very lucky to have this special homemade restaurant in Nürnberg, specializing in soya production. Since their main focus is the manufacturing of soya products such as indonesian/yellow tofu and tempe, they limit their menu into one daily dish. Usually the dish consists of rice, tofu, tempe and indonesian salad (gado-gado), sided with homemade chili sauce. This dish is always a treat since it is always freshly made and tastes like home! They also serve coffee and vegan cakes which are also very delightful.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty spacious, so that our pram fits by any table without any problem. They also have cushioned benches by the window (our favorite spot), so that the little one can just lay down and play. There is also a kid’s corner with some toys and books for bigger kiddies.

They have a diaper changing table in the toilet, which I find clean enough. Because the atmosphere is very laid back and hospitable, we have spent some time in this lovely restaurant!

Opening hours are:

Tuesdays – Fridays: 11:30 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 20:00
Saturdays 11:30 – 20:00

4. Tafelzier

This very creative and elegant patisserie has been our favorite since they opened their door in 2017. The prices are somewhat high but they are definitely proportional to the quality of everything they sell. It is not necessarily a baby café but we go there with baby just as often as we did before baby 🙂 Just because.. their coffee, the Lyboise, the eclairs and..and..and.. are the seventh heaven… mmmmh.. All of their creations are simply indescribably good.

The seats are rather limited, adding to the exclusivity of this cafe. But with luck, we got our seats almost every time. There is enough space to park the pram inside the cafe.

Although they don’t have a diaper changing station, they did let us to change the diaper of the little one on our chair. So it is a baby friendly cafe!

(Although honestly.. I usually change the diaper of our little one by our table in cafes/restaurants without a diaper changing table. Because.. also the babies need to go toilets and not just the adults!)

The opening hours are:
Tuesdays – Saturdays 11:00 – 18:00
Sundays 13:00 – 16:00

5. Fränk’ness

It is a newly opened Franconian fusion restaurant owned by a renowned Franconian chef Alexander Herrmann. We tried it out only last week but I was instantly delighted about the place and its facility! The restaurant is spacious and the atmosphere is very laid back, being a self-service restaurant. They serve very interesting menus, mainly fusions of comfort food (burgers and pizzas) and Franconian dishes. For our first time we tried the „Rehbratenburger mit Wirsing und Preiselbeereen“ (burger with roasted venison, topped with savoy cabbage and cranberries), which was very very good!

As an coffee addict I of course tried the coffee together with the „Zimtschnecke“. And yes my friends, we loved the coffee! The Zimtschnecke was okay, but the dough was not fluffy enough for my taste and it was a tad bit too sweet. I honestly find the Zimtschnecke in cafe Kaulbach better 🙂

As a mommy of course my focus was the baby facility. Because of the spacious interior, there is actually enough space for prams. They also have baby high chairs (Stokke!). There is an elevator to get to the basement, where the toilettes and the diaper changing table are, which is a luxury! The diaper changing station is a folding table, situated in the handicap toilet. The toilet itself is very spacious and clean, so it was a good experience.

Because our little one had already had her lunch, we didn’t get to find out whether they would provide us hot water to warm up baby food. But the next time we’re there, I’ll update this important issue!

The opening hours are very convenient,
everyday from 9:00 – 22:00
Fridays and Saturdays 9:00 – 23:00.

6. Di Simo

This one in particular is probably one of the most famous cafés in Nürnberg. They have their own coffee roastery and the cappuccino is probably the best in the whole town. Especially on summer days, it is very nice to sip their cappuccino while looking over the Pegnitz river. Unfortunately it is now not allowed anymore to stand around on the bridge while drinking the coffee.. But the cafe is still one of the nicest for our taste 🙂

The café is not very spacious and usually it is very crowded.. That is why I usually take my coffee to go, if I happen to walk my baby to sleep in her pram. Alternative is to stand in front of the café while watching the passerby (they have 2 high tables in front of the cafe). In the early afternoon the café is not so crowded and that is when I usually walk there. If we get lucky, we can actually get the corner with the cushioned benches and so having the possibility of putting down the baby.

Opening hours:
Everyday except Sundays 8:00 – 20:00

And so this is the first part of my baby friendly places in Nuremberg. I hope that this post might help fellow mommies or daddies, who want to enjoy good coffee with their babies!

P.s.: this post is solely my personal opinion without any intention of advertisements whatsoever.



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