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#domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy: Refurbishing my old hobby of photography.

I used to love photography. As I was about 16 years old, my father gave me his old Nikon SLR FM2 and I loved it very much. He let me take some photography classes and I was immersed in that hobby for a while. But then all the years have passed and I grew to forget about the pleasure of photography.

I dabbled from time to time, with a lot of simple digital cameras (mainly owned by my father). But I never got the feeling of photography anymore, probably because I am usually too lazy to bring a camera with me whenever I travel. Instead I just use my iphone.

Now during my sick-leave, I once again am suddenly inspired to refurbish my old hobby. And I  do have been missing the “clicking” sounds of a camera. But before I buy a camera, which will someday probably be left idling in a corner at my house, I decided to ask my brother if he would lend me his Fujifilm system camera. And then my father arrived in Europe for our winter holiday. Upon seeing my sudden re-inspiration of photography, he AGAIN generously let me use his Sony NEX 7 system camera.

So being in Spain for two weeks, Clemens and I walked around the cities of Madrid, Sevilla and Granada. Usually we don’t really plan, what or where we are going to do or go to. Instead we just start walking and getting lost.. In 2014 (during my first stay in Madrid) I spent most of my time in Lavapies, Sol and La Latina  (absolutely worth visiting since it’s the main area for tapas bars!). In 2016 Clemens and I spent a lot of time in Barrio de las letras and Chueca (very cool and hip areas with tons of cafes and restaurants).

Well I have always been a fan of Spanish architecture.. But on this trip I somehow fell in love so much with the beautiful windows and balconies.

I have always loved balconies, especially since I’ve been living in Germany. Balconies are a thing of luxury you don’t really want to miss if you live in a cold country. Once the weather gets warm, Clemens and I ALWAYS lounge in our balcony.. The perfect balcony is the one which faces the south, as then you will always have sunlight in the afternoon till the evening.

Well I must say that the Spaniards do have incredible and beautiful balconies. That’s why I want to share some of those beautiful balconies, windows and doors we encountered during our trip in Spain.

We found these beautiful balconies in Madrid..

Then I found these doors and balconies in Sevilla so irresistible..  

But my ultimate favorite balcony is this one I found in Granada: 


I always think that balconies are very romantic.. Imagine Rapunzel sitting on the balcony waiting for her prince .. (well although Rapunzel did not sit in a balcony..) But you know what I mean.. 😉

See you on the next post!


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