Mom’s Diary.. What is it all about?

Mommy Aurelie terbang

Welcome to my new homepage! I am so thrilled to finally have my own domain (thanks to my brother!). Some of you might know me from my previous blog “Das Wochenende”. I moved the content of my old blog here and I will only post my future contents in this website.

Why “Mom’s Diary”? Because I am privileged and blessed to be a mom since September 2017. And the abbreviation of Mom’s Diary is an M.D., which I am too. I have been on a parental leave since the birth and plan to be a full-time mom for a year, before I would start working part-time again. The plan is to finish my specialization as an occupational consultant, which hopefully doesn’t take so long anymore. But we’ll see.. I’ve been enjoying every second of my parental leave, it will be so hard to get back to work again.

But now is not the time yet. That is why, I am very excited to be able to maintain my writing hobby while I enjoy taking care of my baby and manage the household. I used to think that emergency shifts and those night shifts would train me to have little sleep. But no.. being a mother is definitely a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week-job and it’s not comparable to any job I have ever done!

So now.. I am going to share my experiences as a first time mommy and an MD. Let’s see how this works

A little about me:

I’m an Indonesian woman, who’s been living in Germany for almost half of her entire life. I was born in Jakarta and grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. Thanks to AFS exchange program I once had the opportunity to study in Germany. And I never came back to Indonesia since 2005. I studied medicine in Hannover, Germany and became an MD in 2011. I was in love with kidney research and thus did my doctoral degree focusing on kidney transplantation in 2013. Ever since Hannover has been my home, secondly to Bandung – Indonesia. After my marriage in 2014, I had to move to the southern part of Germany with my husband.

I am not a professional writer nor a photographer and I’m sure that my texts are not perfectly written. But I’m trying to put much love and passion into this and I’m hoping that you’ll have fun in reading my thoughts. For the sake of my non-German speaking as well as non-Indonesian speaking family and friends, I would write most of my texts in English.

Stay with me as long as you want to and I am looking forward to exciting discussions and comments!

With love,



  • Uti

    I remember reading your daily journal back in high school. When was that, some 13 years ago?
    Looking forward to read more of your stories 🙂 (and I’m curious about your choice to shift career path, wondering whether or not it’ll be shared here too, hehe).

    • daswochenende

      Utieee… yess, indeed. I didn’t have so much time for writing anymore, therefore now it’s my new goal 😉 Thank you for reading dearest. And yes, I’ll certainly write about the career shifting. Stay tuned! :p

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