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Hallstatt – the asian dream

Soo we finally ended up in Hallstatt, Austria! I must admit, that my wish of visiting this apparent idyllic austrian town had started through the Instagram-hype. And I suppose that a lot of beyond beautiful pictures of Hallstatt might just be taken from east Asians, who seem to adore this town😊
This time of the year seems to be very high seasonal and we got one room in the one hotel I’d been dreaming about just in the last minutes before our trip began!

We arrived in Hallstatt on Saturday noon. Since Hallstatt is pretty much a car-free town, all visitors with cars must park their cars in designated areas just outside the town. There are special shuttles which transport the tourists back and forth. These mini buses drive only every half an hour. We missed the shuttle just by the minute and hubby didn’t necessarily want to wait in the parking area for half an hour (which is pretty understandable😌). So after finding out that our hotel is only 10-15 minutes away by feet, we decided to walk there with our one luggage.

My first impression of the town was: “where am I? It doesn’t feel like Europe! Did we suddenly land in China??”

The clouds were thick and the day was rather gloomy. It was raining, so everyone was under their umbrellas. The narrow streets were packed with mostly asian tourists with their cameras, cell phones and selfie sticks. We had to squeeze ourselves with our luggage and umbrellas among this crowd on the way to our hotel. So yes, unfortunately my first impression of this highly praised town was blown away. I missed the italian Garda and Como lakes…

The only thing that saved the day was our hotel. We stayed in the “Seehotel Grüner Baum”. The beautiful hotel is located in the center of the town, directly by the lake. We stayed in a very beautiful, comfortable room with a big balcony facing the lake. Unfortunately the balcony wasn’t under roof, so that we couldn’t enjoy the platform under the pouring rain.. The room itself was extremely cozy and the bed so inviting, that we fell asleep instantly under the weather💤💤
Dinner time was always one of the best moments in vacations, so we looked forward to it very much! We chose to dine in the hotel, since it has very good reviews as well. And it proved to be true😊 What is also worth mentioning is that they serve non-alcoholic wine! I haven’t heard of that in my entire life, so that I was so curious about it. It was a very hard decision between the “real” wine and a non-alcoholic one, but in the end I went for the non-alcoholic Merlot..😅 it was not as bad as I initially thought, but not good enough so that I had to order “blauer Zweigelt” afterwards..


The evening went by as we enjoyed our “real” wine in the hotel lounge. What I did miss, the Hallstatt lake was compelety dark. There was no light from the opposite side of the lake, unlike Garda lake or Como lake.. (Again I ended up comparing those 3 lakes).

The “magic” of Hallstatt unfolded the next morning. Thankfully the weather was on our side! It wasn’t sunny but at least it stayed dry😊 By then we decided to discover the town and everything it has to offer. And we weren’t disappointed! The tourists were just as abundant as ever, but once we went up the thousands of stairs there were less and less tourists 😉 the view from the top of the town was utterly magical and suddenly I understood what’s the fuss about the town of Hallstatt.


And there it was, the beautiful town of Hallstatt. I was glad to have visited this beauty. But I think there may not be a second time, just because there are a whole lot of other things out there waiting to be visited and discovered..



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