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Life in Germany through Indonesian Eyes

I’m an Indonesian woman, who’s been living in Germany for almost half of her entire life. My look is entirely asian, but afterwhile I live European, I talk mostly German or English and upon marriage I even have a German surname. I was born in Jakarta, grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. Thanks to AFS exchange program I once had the opportunity to study in Germany. And I never came back to Indonesia since 2005. I studied medicine in Hannover, Germany and became an MD in 2011. I was in love with kidney research and thus did my doctoral degree focusing on kidney transplantation in 2013. Ever since Hannover has been my home, secondly to Bandung – Indonesia. After my marriage in 2014, I had to move to the southern part of Germany with my husband.

I am not a professional writer nor a photographer and I’m sure that my texts are not perfectly written. But I’m trying to put much love and passion into this and I’m hoping that you’ll have fun in reading my thoughts. For the sake of my non-German speaking as well as non-Indonesian speaking family and friends, I would write most of my texts in English.

Stay with me as long as you want to and I am looking forward to exciting discussions and comments!

With love,



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