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Mommy on indulgence: A Throwback to Our First Two Months..

Four months postpartum.. Many nights, days and intentions later, I can finally bring myself to write again. There have been so many random words swimming in the back of my head. Due to other priorities and lack of sleep, my head seems to be not in a status, where it’s able to structuring these random words into one proper paragraph.

Since le hubby is jogging with the small one, mommy has more or less one and half hour of indulgence time. This indulgence time is usually filled with cleaning the house or cooking and an express shower. But not today. Today (after miraculously 8 hours of sleep!) my head seems to function rather normally. And so here I am again sitting in front of my mac and trying to paraphrase those random words..


Jogging with papi

Long before our sweet one was born, my husband always told me that he didn’t really want to change our lifestyle even with a baby. What’s our lifestyle? We LOVE traveling and eating out. Not necessarily overseas-trips, but we do a lot of short trips on the weekend. Sometimes there are city-trips, a short drive to the mountain for a hike in the warm seasons or for a cross-country ski in the winter, a short trip to the lakes for swimming or standup-paddling.. Something like that. And if we don’t go for a trip on the weekend, we like to go jogging, biking or trying out two to three cafes or restaurants in Nuremberg or surrounding.


At the very beginning after our sweet one was born, I was rather overwhelmed with my new mommy role. Because of some medical complications I couldn’t really walk or sit properly for about 3-4 weeks. Breastfeeding works now very well, although at the beginning I was thinking: „this baby is assaulting my breasts, how am I supposed to breastfeed in public! I didn’t think that it would work at all.. But somehow mommy and baby have become to work out together very well and now I am thinking: „Can I just breastfeed Aurélie „forever“?“ Breastfeeding has been our best friends because we indeed are able to maintain our previous lifestyle without having to bend our child’s needs.

It seemed like forever, but it hasn’t been that long ago, since we were brave enough to travel with our sweet one. Aurélie was born in the late autumn, so by the time we started doing our trips, we had the challenge of how to dress our baby in the coldest of winter!

Since there have been some questions about the products and clothing we are using for Aurélie, I’m thinking about writing about those too..


I had the courage to take Aurélie out as she was 5 weeks old. Our first visit was the Dokumentationszentrum (Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds), together with our family. Since Aurélie is half German, we thought that it was very important that she learned the German history from very early on! No..kidding 😉 It was actually a coincidence. The real reason because my family hadn’t been in the museum. Well, that first day out wasn’t really a big hit. Breastfeeding went unpleasently (well.. I was almost traumatized) and Aurélie started screaming after a while. The screaming went on until her bed time around 8 p.m. The worst thing, she screamed and cried on the whole car ride back (about 20 minutes). In Germany we’re not allowed to take the baby out of her car seat during the ride. So yeah, I was nearly deaf after this first ride out and I didn’t want to go out with her ever again..



I collected some courage to leave the house again, this time together with my mother. The second trip went much better, since I had her in the Manduca baby carrier, where she could just cuddle and doze off. Well you can’t really call it a trip though, as it was actually only a walk to a cafe nearby (about 10 minutes walk ;)). But hey, it was less traumatizing since mommy could have her cappuccino in peace!


A couple days later we tried a farther situated cafe (around 20 minutes walk), where I had to breastfeed her in public. Yes, every time the challenge got harder! Well not so hard, because my parents were also there with us. And we worked together for a peaceful break 😉


By the end of the second month – hard to believe – I was out with Aurélie everyday. She loves (better said: she HAS to) having her early nap in the pram in the fresh air. So mommy has to come out of the house for a walk EVERYDAY at pointe 11 a.m, no matter what. The positive side of this is that we both have been very healthy this winter (toi toi toi), thanks to walking for around 10 kms a day and the constant carrying of 10-12 kgs of weight.. The downside of this is, I still have to come out even if it’s snowing or stormy. Yes, also when it’s below zero temperatures.. zzzz…. The perks of having a winter baby, who apparently loves to be in the cold!

mommy with pram

And now our small one is 4 months old and she LOVES going out.. She will be sitting on our laps looking around and be very lovely for the whole dining or coffee time. The only thing that she doesn’t like is being packed in her winter clothings, every time we’re about to leave the restaurants..

mommy in cafe

In the end, we haven’t changed our hobby of traveling and eating out. But probably we have created a kid, who likes to hang out in a cafe.. (!)



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