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Mommy’s Circle: How Does Your Baby Sleep at Daytime?

This is probably THE question that new mommies always hear and also ask. Well at least this is my experience in Germany.. I’m not very sure how it is in Indonesia, whether this topic is also interesting among new mommies (calling out indonesian mommies! I’d love to hear your insight :))

After the puerperium (around 6 weeks after birth) I was finally able to go out again. Well, I already did some short walks around the block before, but in Germany mommies after birth get their official “green light” after the gynaecological check up, which usually takes place 6 weeks after birth. (Short info: once you get your green light, you can actually start doing gymnastics which can help strengthen the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Here in Germany it’s called “Rückbildungskurs”, which is financed by the health insurance).

And so up to 6 months post natal I have been joining some courses (postnatal gymnastic, kanga training, baby massage and PEKiP class), primarily to have a more structured daily life and of course to mingle with other mommies. I would post about these courses later on!

Back to the sleeping topic. During all these classes, there would be a lot of time spent with some other fellow mommies. And the most popular topic is among others: “How does your baby sleep? How does the little one take naps?” It is such an essential topic for new mommies because our “life quality” depends proportionally on how our little one sleeps 😉 Especially if you are alone responsible for the household.

Of course it’s no longer something new for me. Ever since I live in Germany, I never have help for my household, simply because manpower is expensive (and I tend to spend my money elsewhere). Luckily there are machines that can relieve us from those domestic duties, except probably for ironing. I have to admit that ironing was and will never be my thing.. and frankly, I never iron my clothing nor the clothing of my husband. Luckily, neither of us has to wear suits for work! 😉

Anyway.. Somehow I should manage our household while taking care of the newborn. And this is where the challenge begins! Especially if you have a baby, who rarely sleeps or who is just very demanding (which is absolutely normal for newborns). You just want to know how other mommies manage to clean up the house, to do the laundry, to cook, when you baby doesn’t sleep or is such a difficult sleeper. That is why, this question was always popped every time I met other fellow mommies.

In her first 4 months our little one had to take her first nap  (around 11 a.m.) and sometimes her afternoon nap (around 3 p.m.) OUTSIDE in her pram. No matter what I tried inside the house, she insisted to be taken outside. I even tried to put her in her pram and rocked it back and forth in our  balcony, but it wasn’t good enough for her. She would just stare at me, as if to say, “Mommy, I’m not dumb.. I don’t want to see this white wall..take me out!” So I usually gave in, before I lost my hearing. And so I was out with her EVERYDAY for 2-3 hours, no matter what the weather was. Unfortunately it was winter, so yes.. I was also out with her, even as it was snowing heavily and as it was below zero temperature.

The sunny side of this was that we were very healthy during this winter! I actually managed to ALMOST get back to my original weight since I walked at least 10.000 steps a day.. And there is another perk of having to walk out the baby every morning. I had an excuse to get a coffee to go and thus I could actually try out all the good cafés in the neighborhood 🙂 

And so it was.. Our first 4 months. Unfortunately this post doesn’t contain tips on how to put your babies to sleep easily. There are already thousands of books about it! Somehow I still did manage to do some household (at least the laundry..haha). There were A LOT of food ordering involved and luckily a very understanding and helpful husband. The very good thing was that I could still take a shower and even put some my eye makeup almost every day.  Aurélie would sit calmly on the Baby Björn rocker while watching me do my morning routines. At least I could go out of the house (even if it was only for walking Aurélie) looking a bit appropriate 😉

And then just by miracle.. Aurélie could fall asleep just like that in her bed by the time she was in her 6th month. So now, I don’t have any more excuses for not doing the household (or cooking)..

I guess, my point here is: be patient mommies.. At one point, your baby would feel secure enough to go “alone” in the dreamland without any rocking or any other fuss. That is the sense of parenthood anyway: patience 🙂



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