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Nürnberg: the first impressions of our new home

In a blink.. suddenly it is the end of the year. All of the sudden, we have now spent almost 6 months in Nürnberg.

I still can’t believe, that my husband and I have left Hannover for over 2 years already. I can’t believe that I actually HAD the heart of leaving Hannover. Well the capital of Niedersachsen will always take a big part of my heart.

But I have to admit, that ever since I have been living in Nürnberg, I have grown to love this beautiful city more each day. The perfect size, the historical buildings and monuments, the rich history, the Lebkuchen, the relative vicinity to all of those beautiful landscapes (fränkische Schweiz, Fichtelgebirge, fränkisches Seenland, the Alps, Switzerland, Italy..and the list goes on and on), the beautiful cafés, the culture.. I can’t really stop now, because there is yet so much to discover!

Today I took our usual walk just around the district we live in. Fortunately we live in a very beautiful area of Nürnberg that is also very close to the famous Kaiserburg and the historical city center. And every time I go to the city center, my heart leaps just because of the beautiful scenery. I know that it sounds incredibly kitsch, but I’ll let you know why 🙂


And this is why we love our evening walks around the city. One can never have enough of this.. Back in my earlier life in Indonesia, we don’t have this kind of “cheap” luxury. There are not so many options for evening walks, that we tend to go to the malls for a “window shopping”. That is definitely something fun too. But I do love these walks in Germany more.. Have a wonderful Sunday evening 🙂

More posts about Nürnberg to come !


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