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Our short getaway in Austria

I have realized how badly I’ve treated my blog. So many writing intentions and yet no entry since MONTHS.

And so here I am with an entry, in a long due summer vacation, which unfortunately only lasted for 4 days. Yes, because of the working baggage my husband and I have been dragging and due to thousands other reasons we haven’t had any proper vacation this summer. We did fly to Indonesia for 12 days by the beginning of 2016. But the definition of an Indonesian-vacation is rather different than the one of a German-one 😉

Of course, since I’ve been living in Germany and the majority of my family is still back in Indonesia, the vacations we’ve spent in Indonesia have been mostly filled with social obligations. Meaning that during the vacations we should visit all the relatives and family members, being pampered and fed (until we turn into some kind of piggy-looking baloons). Don’t take me wrong, I always enjoy these familial visits and of course the indonesian cuisines offered to us (I usually do some fasting to lose some weight before I fly to Indonesia for vacations). But these indonesian vacations don’t necessarily mean “relish” and “relax”.. If you visit friends, family or relatives in indonesian big cities, where you have the necessity of using the indonesian infrastructure, you will be automatically be a member of “flight delays”, “traffic jams”, “unpunctuality” and “broken buses” :p Suddenly the 10 days you have there seem to be extremely short..

Indonesian holidays, I as I knew it from my old days would mean 3 days by the beach.. We didn’t use to have weeks of holidays. Part of it was probably the school system (I’m not sure how it works now in indonesian schools, but we used to have only short holidays in between our semesters/trimesters). Yes, indonesian schoolers don’t have the luxury of having weeks and weeks of holidays. Three days by the beach with my parents would usually mean: staying at the same hotel over and over again, waking up so goddamn early to have a walk by the sunrise (means around 6 a.m.), having a long swim at the nice hotel outdoor pool, going souvenir shopping, having more than 5 meals in a day, beach walking around sunset and then going to bed at around 9 p.m. (so that we could get up early for the sunrise beach walk).

The typical indonesian vacations as I know it (and I think can be confirmed by some more indonesian fellows) usually include being driven around by a driver to so many touristic places (either in a tour-bus or a guided tour), avoiding the sunlight which can make the skin tan badly, going shopping (usually souvenirs in thousands of different traditional markets or stalls) and having meals/snacks more than thousands times a day. And so this indonesian vacation style is usually very different than the vacation of Europeans 😉

And so we have now our long-due summer short getaways.. Just as my childhood vacations with my parents, this time (as mentioned in the beginning) we also only have 4 days of vacations. I had told my hubby, that this time I wanted a vacation with indulgence and  one in a “european” style. In my definition this means “wellness”, “doing nothing”, “being pampered and massaged”, “afternoon nap” and reading books or just fashion magazines. Indulgence would mean fancy and long breakfasts where I can have scrambled eggs, Bircher Müsli, rolls and breads with self-made jams, smoothies and fresh juices. I don’t want any shopping or hectic tours to thousands of tourism sites..

We decided to go to Austria. Due to Instagram I have been wanting to visit Hallstatt. The pictures of this old city by the lake are so extremely idyllic and beautiful, that I could convince my husband to visit this place. Somehow is Hallstatt not that well known among the Germans (at least the ones I know..) and is extremely popular among Asians!

Due to unknown reasons Hallstatt is completely overbooked during our planned vacation. We could secure us one night (out of the 3 planned nights) in a nice hotel, which is located just by the lake. But we needed to change our plan and found a nice wellness hotel in Bad Aussee for the other 3 days, which is located about 20 km from Hallstatt.

Bad Aussee 4.png
We spent the first two nights in a hotel called “Die Wasnerin”, which is popular for the healthy and fitness programs. I was in awe. Bad Aussee is an extremely nice place surrounded by mountains and geographically it’s located just in the center of Austria. With all the nice things there, I couldn’t just “sleep and eat” there. So no..there was no sleeping off and “munching” snacks all the time.. I was surprised by myself, that I suddenly wanted to do all the healthy things in our vacation! It was probably the fresh mountain air and the joyous landscape which motivated me to move my b*tt. The hotel itself was equipped with great stuffs: big pools (indoor AND outdoor), a big sauna landscape, a spa area including a gym and yoga/training rooms, a tea lounge, a library (they even invite Austrian authors for book-reading sessions), a very nice restaurant, an amazing golf landscape, a great bar area with a fireplace, a piano and a billiard table.


So these are what we did in the two days in Bad Aussee:

  • day one: we arrived rather late around 6 p.m. Because of the amazing outdoor pool and we had been sitting around in the car for about 4 hours, we decided to jump directly into the pool before going to our dinner.
  • day two: woke up at 7, did yoga (yes!! Clemens did yoga for the first time in his life! :D), did some moutainbiking (for the first time in my life!), had a nice swim for some hours and having ONE proper meal for dinner (instead of having thousands of small meals..) . After dinner we even played two rounds of billiard (I really don’t know how I could motivate myself to do all these stuffs).
  • day three: woke up at 8 (okay it’s not so early anymore), did some rounds of training in the gym before breakfast (!), got ready for our drive to Hallstatt 🙂

And so three amazing days passed by in Bad Aussee, a place we would soon definitely revisit (also great in winter and for cross country skiing!). I would write our experience in Hallstatt in the next entry, so see you soon!



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