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Our short winter getaway in Oberstdorf

The perks of living in Bavaria.. is the close distance to the beautiful nature and mountains!

My husband and I, along with our two close friends decided to do a trip to the mountain in the mid of November. It was still autumn (well autumn with below zero temperatures..but still) and I was missing the fresh crisp air of the mountain. This time we decided to go to Oberstdorf.

Oberstdorf is a small town, popular for skiing and hiking, especially among the Germans. It is located in Allgäu, a part of the bavarian Alps. There are some very nice locations to go to such as Breitachklamm, Nebelhorn and Freibergsee (a beautiful alp lake).

Without realizing, that we were going there totally off-seasonal, we just went on booking an apartment for four. At that moment I didn’t realize that a lot of accommodations in Oberstdorf were closed.

So we drove on a Saturday in the mid of November to Allgäu with a plan to hike/wander Breitachklamm and to ride the cable car of Nebelhorn. We were caught so off-guard to have found out, that most of the touristic spots were closed!

So please be reminded: I would not go to Oberstdorf between the 23rd of October and 9th of December, just because almost 90% of the tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants are closed.. Unless you want to have the beautiful nature only for yourself 🙂

But we still went anyway and didn’t regret anything at all.

As Saturday was icy, snowy, wet and grey (yeah.. it was really painful) we decided to go to the Freibergsee by car. Freibergsee is a beautiful lake on the Allgäu mountain, up to 930 meter above the sea level. Alas.. on the way up to Freibergsee, we found out that the road was closed to public cars! (Again..we really were totally unprepared for this trip..!) But we didn’t give up that easily.. As we were already there, we needed to see the lake. We put on our hiking attire and had our umbrellas ready. The walk was very nice despite the rainy weather and the icy temperature. The roads were deserted and all restaurants we passed by were closed.. We were practically the only tourists in the whole area! Everyone but us wanted to stay inside on that particular cold and rainy day..

img_2863_fotor                        freiberg2.png

After about 30 minutes, we reached our goal and were so proud of ourselves for having conquered the weather 😉 There was not so many reason to stay long, so that we decided to walk back to our car. The walk back was even more painful, that we were just aching to drive to our rented apartment in Riezlern (which already belongs to Austria, in a region called Kleinwalsertal). Yes, as most accomodations in Oberstdorf were closed, we landed in an apartment in Austria. Riezlern itself is a tiny town, just about 9 kilometers away from Oberstdorf. The fact that Austria and Germany are separated by a mere abstract border amazes me every time..

Sunday was a gift of God! We woke up in a winter wonderland, as the whole town was covered with fresh snow overnight.


But again.. as our plans (going to Breitachklamm and Nebelhorn) were blown away due to the fact, that we were there completely off-seasonal, we had to modify our itinerary. There are very good websites which provide detailed wander-/hike routes in the regions. These are two, which we found pretty useful: Both websites also provide information in English.

We decided to go hiking with a start point in Riezlern and followed the path of Mittelalp going into Schönblick.. The paths are unfortunately not so well depicted. It was rather irritating at the beginning, as we didn’t find any parking spot for our car. The roads were also very slippery.. Fortunately our Countryman managed to go along the curves despite everything! We parked our car in front of a mountain hut in Oberwestegg, which was actually a parking spot reserved for the hut guests. The parking space was extremely limited and I would recommend to park the cars by the main street in Riezlern and go up to the hills by feet.

The hike was incredible and beyond beautiful.. Since there was no restaurant open, we did only about 3 hours and went to Oberstdorf to have our lunch before we got back home to Nuremberg.

Collage Schönblick2.png

Breitachklamm and Nebelhorn are still on our list for the winter season!


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