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    This isn‘t about me..

    These past few weeks I‘ve been handling difficult cases at my work. Especially today, a patient has reminded me again of how priviledged I have been. Everyday is indeed a struggle for me to wake up, go to work and bring my little one to the nursery. Aurélie has been toughing it up by staying in the nursery from early in the morning until late afternoon. Thank God she is healthy and that she enjoys her days with her bestfriends. I cherish every minute of the day that I have with Aurélie. But yes, 24 hours a day seem to be just not sufficient for all the things I want…

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    Vlog Episode 3: Jaga Malam Pertama Andina! Pilih yang Mana: Uniklinik atau RS Pelayanan untuk Residensi?

    Kali ini giliran Andina yang cerita tentang pengalaman dia waktu jaga malam pertama di Medizinische Hochschule Hannover. Terus kita juga ngejelasin, apa sih bedanya residensi di RS universitas (Uniklinik), residensi di rumah sakit pelayanan atau residensi di tempat praktek dokter. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat buat teman – teman dan kolega dari Indonesia yang berpikir untuk residensi di Jerman ya! Have fun watching and stay tuned! Kalau ada yang masih mau ditanyain, jangan ragu untuk ngehubungi kita yaa! Facebook: Our Doctor’s Diary Instagram: Our_Doctors_Diary

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    Vlog Episode 2: Our First Day of Work at a German Hospital

    Akhirnya setelah pause lamaa sejak video perdana kita tahun lalu, kita bisa lagi upload video baru. Kali ini kita mau bercerita tentang pengalaman kita di hari – hari pertama kerja di rumah sakit. Have fun and stay tuned! If you have any questions about medical study in Germany or anything about living in Germany, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Either through the comment box, Email or Instagram. See you! Love Pandora & Andina Email: kafeezeit.ndona@gmail.com Instagram: our_doctors_diary Website: www.momsdiary.de

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    It’s Okay Not to Be Okay (English Version)

    Indonesian version please click here. I am very honored to get good responses on my last posting about mental health in the occasion of world mental health day a couple days ago. My non-Indonesian speaking friends have been asking me, why I only wrote my last post in Indonesian. Since I also want to share my story with my non-Indonesian speaking friends and readers, here it is 🙂 A lot of friends inspired me to write down my very personal experience with burn out and how I finally decided to get a psychotherapy in Germany. Before I begin, I must warn you that this post will be pretty long. But…

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    Mommy’s First Solo Flight With Baby

    Ladies and gentlemen.. I am so proud of myself for flying solo to Geneva – Switzerland with our 9-months baby! 👏🏽 Although it wasn’t a long haul flight, the challenge was real because the flight included a layover in Zürich for only 30 minutes! I think a parent doesn’t like to fly alone with a baby, because you know .. a thousand of reasons. I researched the internet already weeks before the D-Day, found some useful stuff but didn’t really find some practical tips for „how to pack the cabin luggage and survive a crawling-hyperactive baby“. What kind of bag should I bring? What kind of clothes should I wear?…

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    Kursus untuk Mama dan Bayi

    For english post please click here. Berhubung ada beberapa teman yang bertanya apa aja kegiatan saya sehari – hari sejak ada bayi, kali ini saya mau bercerita tentang beberapa kursus bersama bayi yang saya ikuti di sini. Saya ini orangnya bosenan, gak suka kalau kesepian dan gak suka tinggal di rumah lama – lama. Di lain sisi tapi saya juga pemalas. Kalau gak ada aktivitas sehari – hari yang terstruktur, dijamin saya akan cuma goler – goleran di atas sofa sambil baca buku atau browsing internet. Karena itu saya langsung daftar beberapa kursus bersama bayi begitu masa puerperium/nifas saya berakhir (kurang lebih 6 minggu setelah melahirkan). Sejak itu kami jadi…

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    Mommy and Baby during the Week

    For the same post in Indonesian, please click here. Since there have been some friends asking me about my daily activities with baby, this time I want to tell you about some courses with baby that I have been doing. It’s safe to say that I’m a rather active person. I don’t like to stay at home over a longer period and getting lonely. I don’t really like the house-cleaning program or cooking (I still do the chores of course, but not with passion). On the other side I am also lazy. If I don’t get myself a structured daily program, the chance is pretty high that I will just…

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    Baby Friendly Cafes in Nuremberg

    At the beginning, directly after the birth of our little one I wished that I had found a blog that enlists mommy-baby friendly cafes with a bit more details, so that new mommies can prepare themselves upon coming to those places.. But I hadn’t really found anything then. After a while, there have been some other mommies who are also curious about the cafes and restaurants that we have visited together with our baby. That is why, I am now inspired to write some reviews of all the cafes and restaurants we have visited regarding the baby friendliness. In the first weeks post natal I was very excited about going…

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    Mommy’s Circle: How Does Your Baby Sleep at Daytime?

    This is probably THE question that new mommies always hear and also ask. Well at least this is my experience in Germany.. I’m not very sure how it is in Indonesia, whether this topic is also interesting among new mommies (calling out indonesian mommies! I’d love to hear your insight :)) After the puerperium (around 6 weeks after birth) I was finally able to go out again. Well, I already did some short walks around the block before, but in Germany mommies after birth get their official “green light” after the gynaecological check up, which usually takes place 6 weeks after birth. (Short info: once you get your green light,…

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    Mommy on Train – Traveling with Deutsche Bahn with an Infant.

    I love going by train and I had been waiting to finally ride a train with our baby. Ever since the beginning of 2017 we had anxiously waited for the new super fast train line connecting Munich and Berlin. Yup, finally by the end of 2017 the fast connection was opened! Instead of excruciating 6,5 hours or more, it now only takes about 4 hours from Munich into the capital city. And it means for us: instead of 5,5 hours, it now only takes around 3 hours from Nuremberg to Berlin! Yippee!! So when the big time finally arrived, I was beyond excited to finally try out the new train…