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    This isn‘t about me..

    These past few weeks I‘ve been handling difficult cases at my work. Especially today, a patient has reminded me again of how priviledged I have been. Everyday is indeed a struggle for me to wake up, go to work and bring my little one to the nursery. Aurélie has been toughing it up by staying in the nursery from early in the morning until late afternoon. Thank God she is healthy and that she enjoys her days with her bestfriends. I cherish every minute of the day that I have with Aurélie. But yes, 24 hours a day seem to be just not sufficient for all the things I want…

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    Vlog Episode 3: Jaga Malam Pertama Andina! Pilih yang Mana: Uniklinik atau RS Pelayanan untuk Residensi?

    Kali ini giliran Andina yang cerita tentang pengalaman dia waktu jaga malam pertama di Medizinische Hochschule Hannover. Terus kita juga ngejelasin, apa sih bedanya residensi di RS universitas (Uniklinik), residensi di rumah sakit pelayanan atau residensi di tempat praktek dokter. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat buat teman – teman dan kolega dari Indonesia yang berpikir untuk residensi di Jerman ya! Have fun watching and stay tuned! Kalau ada yang masih mau ditanyain, jangan ragu untuk ngehubungi kita yaa! Facebook: Our Doctor’s Diary Instagram: Our_Doctors_Diary

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    Mommy’s Circle: How Does Your Baby Sleep at Daytime?

    This is probably THE question that new mommies always hear and also ask. Well at least this is my experience in Germany.. I’m not very sure how it is in Indonesia, whether this topic is also interesting among new mommies (calling out indonesian mommies! I’d love to hear your insight :)) After the puerperium (around 6 weeks after birth) I was finally able to go out again. Well, I already did some short walks around the block before, but in Germany mommies after birth get their official “green light” after the gynaecological check up, which usually takes place 6 weeks after birth. (Short info: once you get your green light,…

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    Mommy on trip: Traveling With A Newborn – Baby Winter Essentials

    Some friends have been asking, what we had for our baby when we were traveling in winter.. In this post, I’d like to share our first winter travel experience 🙂 Our first trip after the birth of Aurélie was Walchensee, which is a natural lake south of Munich. At that time Aurélie just turned 8 weeks old. Winter striked in a full force at that time, but we didn’t just want to stay home nevertheless. As Clemens always said to me, „there is no such thing as bad weather.. there is merely bad clothing“.. Yeah, sometimes my German husband doesn’t really have the understanding for my indonesian warm blood 😀…

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    Mommy on indulgence: A Throwback to Our First Two Months..

    Four months postpartum.. Many nights, days and intentions later, I can finally bring myself to write again. There have been so many random words swimming in the back of my head. Due to other priorities and lack of sleep, my head seems to be not in a status, where it’s able to structuring these random words into one proper paragraph. Since le hubby is jogging with the small one, mommy has more or less one and half hour of indulgence time. This indulgence time is usually filled with cleaning the house or cooking and an express shower. But not today. Today (after miraculously 8 hours of sleep!) my head seems…

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    The pursuit of happiness (3): the beauty of deceleration.

    I was taking a break. When writing, that was supposed to ease my mind, was becoming too exhausting and demanding, I had to stop. So I stopped.. for a while. And now here I am again.   I remembered the first session, how my therapist asked me,”what brings you here? Tell me what has been bothering you”. The room was warm and cozy, her voice was so calm and the atmosphere so peacefully silent. And suddenly the dam broke and my words flushed uncontrollably. She just listened. And after I was finished, she said,”I’m so glad that you are here. I bet it wasn’t easy to let your guard down…

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    #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy: learning Spanish in Madrid, the heart of Spain.

    Ever since I know Kerstin, one of my best friends who happens to come from Chile and speaks Spanish, I have been fascinated by the language. From what I have been experiencing, Spanish-speaking people are known to be very lovable, nice and also full of temperaments. I love listening to Spanish music (mainly pop, bachata and salsa songs). And I love listening my Spanish-speaking friends, simply because their conversations are ALWAYS full of emotions and movements 🙂 And so, speaking Spanish has been one of my dreams since the last couple of years. What I learned from my German-learning experience is: if I want to learn a new language, I need…