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    This isn‘t about me..

    These past few weeks I‘ve been handling difficult cases at my work. Especially today, a patient has reminded me again of how priviledged I have been. Everyday is indeed a struggle for me to wake up, go to work and bring my little one to the nursery. Aurélie has been toughing it up by staying in the nursery from early in the morning until late afternoon. Thank God she is healthy and that she enjoys her days with her bestfriends. I cherish every minute of the day that I have with Aurélie. But yes, 24 hours a day seem to be just not sufficient for all the things I want…

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    Vlog Episode 2: Our First Day of Work at a German Hospital

    Akhirnya setelah pause lamaa sejak video perdana kita tahun lalu, kita bisa lagi upload video baru. Kali ini kita mau bercerita tentang pengalaman kita di hari – hari pertama kerja di rumah sakit. Have fun and stay tuned! If you have any questions about medical study in Germany or anything about living in Germany, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Either through the comment box, Email or Instagram. See you! Love Pandora & Andina Email: kafeezeit.ndona@gmail.com Instagram: our_doctors_diary Website: www.momsdiary.de

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    It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

    English version please click here. Karena ternyata banyak yang merespons post terakhir saya tentang kesehatan mental beberapa hari lalu, saya jadi pengen berbagi tentang pengalaman bagaimana akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk menjalani psikoterapi dengan seorang psikolog di Jerman. Karena postingan ini akan panjang, saya akan bagi ke dalam beberapa bagian: Apa sebenarnya definisi „burn out“ dan pengalaman pribadi saya mengalami „burn out“. Bagaimana prosedur terbaik untuk mendapatkan terapi yang tepat, khususnya untuk teman – teman di negara Jerman. Prosedur pendukung di tempat kerja pasca psikoterapi: rekomendasi saya terkait dengan profesi saya sebagai dokter kesehatan tenaga kerja. Keinginan untuk menulis tentang hal ini sebenarnya sudah terpendam lama, karena banyak teman atau kenalan…

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    A Piece of Thought on World Mental Health Day

    I remember exactly that this time around two years ago I was struggling with a burn out and a depressive episode. Being a physician myself I saw these cases almost daily. Until I experienced it on my own, I actually never realized what kind of impacts this disease has over someone, his/her life and his/her surroundings.   One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to pick up the phone and reach out for a professional help.    I took a time out, had a structured conversation with a psychotherapist, spoke out and phrased all of the disturbing factors.    The most important of all was…

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    Mommy in Doubt: Am I Over Spoiling My Baby?

    I was somewhat thrown today. That’s when I realized, how fragile I am, now that I am a mother. Every judgement about my baby is somehow a direct offense to me. Today we had our routine pediatrician check up. The appointment was very early. Aurélie usually wakes up a little late, because she goes to bed rather late. We have this kind of rhythm, because we want the little one to spend some quality time with her dad before she goes to bed. Because of the very early appointment I had to wake up Aurélie. And you know the sayings..“You don’t wake up sleeping babies“. She was surprisingly in a…

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    Mommy on trip: Traveling With A Newborn – Baby Winter Essentials

    Some friends have been asking, what we had for our baby when we were traveling in winter.. In this post, I’d like to share our first winter travel experience 🙂 Our first trip after the birth of Aurélie was Walchensee, which is a natural lake south of Munich. At that time Aurélie just turned 8 weeks old. Winter striked in a full force at that time, but we didn’t just want to stay home nevertheless. As Clemens always said to me, „there is no such thing as bad weather.. there is merely bad clothing“.. Yeah, sometimes my German husband doesn’t really have the understanding for my indonesian warm blood 😀…