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The charming Denmark

It was a super spontaneous trip on a weekend. Although I had lived in the northern part of Germany for over 11 years (before we moved to Franconia), I hadn’t had any chance to visit this beautiful neighbouring country.

Long story short my family and I were staying in Denmark for 2 nights, primarily in Odense. Why Odense and not Copenhagen? It was because of a conference, that my mother intended to attend to. I didn’t really reckon, what so interesting about Odense. But we had surprisingly a very nice stay in this city (which is even the third biggest city in Denmark, homing about 175.000 inhabitants). This town is actually the hometown of the brilliantly famous Hans Christian Andersen. Who doesn’t know the story of “the Little Mermaid”, “the Ugly Duckling”, the Princess and the Pea”, “the Snowqueen”… and so on and so on.. so yes, I unexpectedly landed in the hometown of a genious author, whose works I had insanely loved as I was a child!

The town was about 1 hour away by train from Copenhagen, which is located on the main island Zealand. Since Odense is located on the other island (the island of Funen), the train ride from Copenhagen was a beautiful one crossing the water over the Great Belt Bridge. Danish trains are very comfortable and modern with ubiqutous wifi-conections. I was absolutely in awe😍 of course, the lavish danish facility has its price😉 one way of a train ride costed about 300-320 crowns (roughly around 45€)

There are a lot of nice cafés and restaurants in Odense. Because of the weather, we spent a lot of time doing café-hopping. And I really liked all of them! You just have to try to ignore the prices there, because otherwise you won’t buy anything! Worry about the bills later after the trip! (Just like I did)😜


I’ll list you my most favorite ones:

  • Cafe Kongens Have ( They have a really nice cortado and they even serve some small pattiseries with your coffee free of charge! The architecture and interior style are  modern, minimalistic and extremely cozy. I loved the high glassed windows which gave the interior such good lighting❤
  • Cafe Sankt Gertrud ( I was so so in love with the french fries! They served it fresh with sprinkles of sea salt.. LOVELY😌
  • Nelle’s Coffee and Wine in Overgade ( Such a lovely building and inviting cozy living room. I didn’t really want to go out of the cafe once we sat there! They do have nice buns and croissants😍

We spent the whole Saturday just walking around without any plan. This is how I usually travel. I like to just get lost in the city and discover things I don’t expect in the first place. And this time we weren’t disappointed either! This city is so incredibly charming with its small old passages, boutiques and cafés.

On Sunday we decided to go to Copenhagen early, so that I could at least have a small taste of the capital city. The journey with the train back to Copenhagen was again very nice and comfortable. We put our luggage in the deposit lockers in the central station (around 60 – 80 crowns = roughly 9 – 11 €) for 24 hours. The price was pretty much reasonable and our luggage was tucked in safely.

As I just want to have a first impression of the city, we decided to take a walk from the central station to Nyhavn. That Sunday was one wintery day, although it was supposed to be still autumn😱❄❄


But the city is just so fascinatingly beautiful that I didn’t mind the icy weather at all. Here are some pictures of my first impressions.

I had to have a food closure before getting off to Germany. So we had a very quick lunch by the dock in Nyhavn. Amazing shrimps and ambient..




Two hours of Copenhagen are painfully short and I almost cried, having to leave the beautiful city so fast. But at least I know now, that I have a destination to go to next summer😀

Goodbye for now beautiful Copenhagen 🙋🏻 I’ll see you again soon❤



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