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So here I am sitting with a swollen cheek (I had a surgical removal of my two left wisdom teeth 4 days ago.. uggh…) But hey looking at the bright side, now I actually have a me-time ! Fortunately it’s been a perfect spring day and after a pill of Ibuprofen I’m relatively good to go ūüėČ On days like this I love sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee and just letting my mind wander free. Yesterday was a celebration of mother’s day (sending love to all moms in the world!) and I had the opportunity to call all of my moms (yes, I have some ladies, whom I can account as my moms of. Lucky me!) Unfortunately my mothers are scattered around the world (well better said, in Indonesia and in some “Bundesl√§ndern” of Germany), so sometimes it’s not so easy for me to visit them all on special occasions like yesterday. But a phone call (and Facetime ūüôā ) might work pretty fine too.

Speaking about mothers, I’m now about to list the top-qualities of my wonder mothers, to whom I constantly look upon to. So here they are:

  • My biological mother is a damn strong woman with extremely good qualities, I sometimes wonder, how she masters¬†it all. Born as a half javanese – half sundanese, she spent most of her life in Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia. She moved away from her family in Jakarta to Bandung to do her medicine study, as she was 18 years old. Pretty much atypical for Indonesian, as most children would stay home until they get married.¬†¬†And I guess, that’s the origin of her independence and extremely strong will. She got to know my father in the campus,¬†ended¬†her study and went on for a residency in the ENT-department (ear-nose-throat). My parents got married in 1985 and got me only 9 months after their wedding. One and a half years afterwards, my brother came too. She did her full-time residency while taking care of her two children. My father, who’s also a doctor, was in the army at that time while also doing his full-time residency in the anaesthesiology-department, so he was away a lot of time. My mother proved to be extremely resilient¬†and stress-resistant. With her loving and patient art, both my brother and I¬†were raised very much happily. As I turned 17, I got the chance to be on board of an AFS-exchange program (the beginning of my Germany-adventure..this story will come next). My father was initially pretty much declining this chance (as told before, it was still somewhat rare for younger girls to move away from their family). My mother supported the idea and was thinking of the bigger picture. Together we finally convinced my father, that this kind of opportunity would not come twice. After my exchange year in Germany, I was blindly in love with Germany, that I decided to study in Germany, no matter what. With this “mad” German-passion I “infected” my brother as well, so that we two children left our parents alone in our homeland. Upon our departure to Germany, my mother decided to do her PhD! My father gave us all his best support and resources, so that 3 of our 4 family members could study well. And once again, my mother proved her strong-will by ending her PhD with flying colors. My inner-circle¬†know how determined I could be. And I am pretty sure that I got this from my mother.
  • My second mother is the one I got to know and attached to during my AFS exchange program. She is German and (again!) a doctor.. (I am destined to be living in a circle of physicians. God knows why). She and her husband raised two wonderful, intelligent and charming girls (now women) while also worked much in the hospitals. Her husband, who is also a doctor and a professor, was frequently¬†away from home and so she led their household primarily. She is just another living-prove of how a woman can be extremely multi-tasking, good in almost everything, resilient, intelligent and charming all at the same time! In between her busy life as a physician and a mother, she routinely goes for sport, bikes everyday to her work, bakes cookies and knits shawls or a pullovers. I just can’t stop admiring, how a person can be that multi-talented.
  • My third mother is my mother-in-law, who is (again!) a doctor running her practice in a beautiful city by Main river. Her late husband is also a doctor and was working extremely many hours each day. They have 5 boys, whom she raised practically almost by herself.. My husband as well as his brothers turned to be fine men (of course ūüėČ otherwise I wouldn’t marry my husband). I don’t think I should explain further, how amazing this woman is.
  • There are some other women with beautiful characters and personalities I look upon to, whom I encountered in my indonesian or german life and whom I can’t explain one by one.. These women are some more living-proofs of how mothers are blissfully wonderful creatures.

There are no words to explain, how mothers are precious creatures. With this I’d raise my glass and pray, that my mothers stay healthy and well and that someday I could turn into a fine woman just as my mothers.


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